Our background

Created in 2015 by the argentinian designer Micaela Suide, AGAVE has the mission of recovering textile craftwork by the elaboration of handmade prints which are embodied in diverse products in a great variety of scales. Having a strong anchor in the organic, pieces are painted through the gouache technique with the aim of emulating colours, shapes and textures from our nature, taking as a main inspiration our outstanding Patagonian landscapes.

Our promise

Following the premise of sustainable development and awareness, all of the products are designed to generate the least amount of waste as possible and are thought not to go out of style giving as a result timeless and durable pieces.

Our value

While colorimetry and layout are always respected, due to the nature of our handmade products, slight variations on colour and shape may occur, providing each piece the value of the unique and irreproducible.

Every product is designed and crafted at her studio in Buenos Aires. Each piece is hand painted with the intention of preserving the uniqueness and fine quality of the materials. Please hand wash this piece with cold water and neutral laundry soap. Do not tumble dry.